Your personal Kratom Dosage Guide will depend on several different factors. Several of these factors will be gone over so that you can safely and effectively conduct your Kratom Therapy Session.

Your Kratom Dosage Guide relies heavily on your personal diet, your tolerance to the plant itself, and the reason why you would be starting a Kratom Therapy Regiment to begin with.

Your personal diet is a huge factor for the reason that large meals and food that is carbohydrate heavy will have a profound effect on your Kratom Therapy Session. Many people who become Kratom Therapists find themselves eating better and living healthier simply because healthy foods benefit the sessions. Carbohydrate heavy foods such as pastas, breads, processed sugars, cereals, tubular vegetables, and meals larger than suggested serving size will nearly negate or completely eliminate any benefits you would get from Kratom. This plant nearly forces you into a healthier lifestyle so it is no surprise that many people lose weight while on a Kratom Therapy Regiment.

A good rule of thumb is to start at when the alkaloids are activated in your system. At two grams, those who have an extremely light tolerance should start to notice some of the benefits. Four grams is usually the starting point on most everyone's Kratom Dosage Guide. 

Kratom Dosages over four grams start to produce unwanted side effects. Those that are new to buy kratom Therapy are advised to use caution going to these extreme high amounts. You can’t overdose on this plant (and the reason being will be explained), but this plant can cause nausea in higher levels. People who have a higher tolerance to begin with tend to go higher than the usual Kratom dosage amount. (Four grams.) As always, it is imperative you go slow and to do so under a physician’s advisement.

 Depending on where you look, and the authenticity of the information, there are a wide range of Kratom Withdrawal Symptoms. The media will have you believing Kratom Withdrawal Symptoms can be anything ranging from hallucinations to seizures. In reality, it is a far far cry from the scare tactics they would have you believe. And get to know more about the what is kratom.

Kratom Withdrawal Symptoms are extremely mild and there are a small amount of them. Several people take sabbaticals from their Kratom Therapy sessions to keep the tolerance down to a minimum. These individuals have been Kratom Therapists for years. They have noted mild symptoms from slight stomach discomfort to allergy like sniffles. Nothing anywhere near several news stories have reported for Kratom Withdrawal Symptoms.

If you are coupling Kratom Therapy Sessions along with other medications you are taking or simply engaging in Kratom Therapy by itself, Kratom Withdrawal Symptoms are usually the least of any one's worries.

Slight congestion, mild headaches, slight stomach discomfort, mild anxiety, and then of course whatever symptoms you were engaging in Kratom Therapy to begin with, these are the Kratom Withdrawal Symptoms that are commonly associated with a Kratom sabbatical.

To ease Kratom Withdrawal Symptoms, there are some things you can do or take to counter these if they become too uncomfortable for you. Those who are having issues sleeping can take a plant/herbal supplement called Phenibut. Many online Kratom vendors carry this and Kratom Therapists swear by it. A little bit goes a long way so please read up on the instructions before engaging.

Slight stomach discomfort can be combated by either taking Imodium or if it is on the upper digestive level, Pepto, Tums, Zantac, Tagment, and just about any other antacid will do the trick.

Headaches and body sweats can be alleviated with any OTC analgesic. A favorite among Kratom Therapists is Advil (Ibuprofen). Just be sure that if you are on a Kratom Therapy Regiment, that you have medication on hand to help you through your symptoms (if you turned to Kratom to help you wean off of medication to begin with.)

To Order Kratom, simply type the phrase “Order Kratom” into the search bar of your regular search engine and click “search”. Several websites will come up with the term “Order Kratom”. One of the best sites to Order Kratom from is The Leaping Leaf. The Leaping Leaf has the largest variety of Kratom anywhere on the internet, hands down. Ordering Kratom from them is easy and his website is very user friendly to the “newbie” to the Kratom World.

To Order Kratom, you simply need to click on the strain type and add it to your cart. Ordering Kratom is easy and can be paid in a multitude of ways. Most vendors take credit cards and some (as in the case of The Leaping Leaf) take Dwolla, a Western Union or Paypal kind of payment. It works just like Paypal and it takes only moments to sign up for.

Some vendors, like The Leaping Leaf, even give you free samples for Ordering your Kratom through them. Some vendors have promotions running or even give discounts for return customers. It pays to do your research when you decide to Order Kratom.

Before you decide to Order Kratom, however, you need to ask yourself why you are doing so to begin with. Many people turn to Kratom for a plethora of reasons and all are backed up by thousands of years of use in Asian medicine.

White Vein, Green Vein, and Red Vein Kratom all have their respective properties and each one has their own unique use in regards to Kratom Therapy. White veins are primarily energetic. They provide mental stimulation and help battle fatigue. Green Veins are the most gentle on digestive systems and encapsulate all of the traits, to a lesser degree. Red Veins are the most relaxing and analgesic. Insomnia patients and chronic pain sufferers utilize the Red Veins frequently.